English Language Teaching In Action is a comprehensive 5-DVD set packed with 70 videos on essential topics in English language instruction. With lively games, fail-proof lessons, insightful classroom management tips, and much more, this collection has everything you need to make your teaching more effective!    
70 Videos in a 5-disc set. Over 6 hours of video!
Step by step instructions on how to design and use games & activities for your classroom
Hundreds of practical tips on lesson planning, teaching techniques and classroom management
Creative variations on each activity or technique to adapt it to different levels and teaching points
Classroom demonstrations with real students and real teachers
1. Teaching Action Words with Charades
2. Odd One Out
3. Information Gap Activity
4. Vocabulary Bingo
5. Building a Utopian Society
6. Activities for Developing Fluency: Stop!
7. Teaching Tag Questions
8. Vocabulary Taboo
9. Teaching Opposites with a Memory Game
10. Teaching Speaking with a Psychological Survey
11. Line-Up for Fluency
12. Teaching Superlatives with a Board Game
13. Drilling Grammar with Tic-Tac-Toe
14. Sentence Scrambles
15. Teaching the Imperative

Teaching Writing with a Running Dictation
2. Building Students' Confidence in Writing
3. Product Writing: Job Applications
4. Building a Story to Teach Writing
5. Creative Writing: The Time Machine
6. Using Writing Prompts to Increase Fluency


1. Expressing Obligation with an Info Gap
2. Conversation Skills: Forecasting the Weather
3. Role Play: Ordering in a Restaurant
4. A Mingle for Likes and Dislikes
5. Making Presentations with Posters
6. Using Physical Movement in the Classroom
7. A Mingle for the Present Perfect
8. Practicing Speaking with Interviews
9. Teaching Function: Finding an Apartment

1. Teaching Listening: Gist and Detail
2. Pre-Teaching Strategies for Newspaper Articles
3. Organizing Ideas with Diagrams
4. Follow-Up Activities for Reading Lessons
5. Using a Cloze Test to Assess Reading Level
6. Designing Tasks for Computer Assisted Learning
7. Using Authentic Materials for a Reading Lesson
8. Using Visual Images to Pre-Teach Vocabulary
9. Assessing Reading Through Individual Telling


1.Teaching the Imperative with Classroom Objects
2. Teaching Verb Tenses with Timelines
3. Making Promises in the First Conditional
4. Drilling the Past Continuous with Flashcards
5. Teaching Grammar with Board Races
6. Teaching the Present Perfect: Negative Statements
7. Drilling Grammar with Dominoes
8. Practicing Word Order with a Sentence Scramble


1. Teaching Feeling and Emotion
2. Teaching Vocabulary with Gradable Opposites
3. Teaching Idioms and Expressions with Video
4. Using Realia to Teach Vocabulary
5. Grab the Word: A Game for Teaching Vocabulary
6. Teaching Duration Expressions
7. Practicing Word REcognition with a Word Search
8. Using Crossword Puzzles for Vocabulary Practice


Teaching Sentence Stress with Jazz Chants
2. Teaching Word Stress with a Stress Maze
3. Practicing Vowel to Vowel Linking
4. Teaching Pronunciation: Word Stress
5. Using Poems to Teach Sentence Stress

Teaching Techniques

How to Deal with Disruptive Students
2. Tips for Remembering Students' Names
3. Breaking Bad Teaching Habits
4. Effective Error Correction Techniques
5. Tips for Identifying Lesson Aims
6. Do's and Dont's for Giving Instructions
7. Checking Understanding with Informal Testing
8. Dealing with Late Students
9. Establishing Classroom Routines

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